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Assalamualaikum! Im Aisyaa and im 17 years young from Malaysia. A girl who loves to laugh and annoyed people hihi thanks for the visit. Love yeah! xx ♥

Status : Thanks to Allah for my great life with this wonderful world, family and peoples around me :)

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Happy birthday girl!!
Khamis, 29 November 2012 | 6:04 PTG | 0 Sweet Cupcake

Hey annyeong!! See that? Haha on my morning birthday!! Baru bangun tidur tu and Syaa bangun pukul 6.30 pagi tauuu after Solat dah tak boleh nak tidur sebab terlalu excited nak celebrate. Haha me so sakai -___- Ehem today is my sweet sixteen and I would like to share fews thing about me since I was born. Haha I don't know how to start it and hm haa thanks to yang wish birthday Syaa!! Really appreciate that so much!! Okay we'll start it when I was born and traa my pitchaa

 That is me!! Was born on 30th November 1996 bersamaan dengan bulan rejab *tak ingat* pada pukul 5 pagi lebih at Hospital Besar Melaka. Haha Syaa orang jati Melaka tauu cucu cicit Hang Tuah. Haha please don't believe it -_- Naa some pitcha during baby!! Haha really cute isn't it? Sorry ter-pewasan sekejap *troll face*

Haaha tak cute punnn. Haa then I grew up and become this puny ....

Me and mama when I was 1

Me and mama again!! We're really cute right? Haha don't deny it :P

I don't remember well but maybe when I was 5 *sigh*

Then grew up again and become thisss ....

 When I was 11. During my dad convo at Penang 

And now I was 16 teen!! Haha cannot believe it and tahun depan nak SPM!! Haha then pi PLKN haa time flies away ~ I hope this upcoming year I'll be good daughter to my parents and will succesfully in life!!

Me the annoying one. Sorry haha 

 This I got from Twitter and Facebook!! Thanks my friend. I really appreciate that. Lot of love guys :)

Thanks Sabrina!! Appreciate that much sayang!!

My class monitor!! Thanks Danial handsome :D

My junior at hostel. Rinduuu dia anyway thanks Tashaa :)

My wishes at FB tepat pada pukul 9.43 pagi tadi. So fast wuuu!! Thanks for those wish at me. Much love :)

 Haa thanks to Sophiaa and Omar jugak!! Really appreciate that. Thanks again Phiaaa!! Love yeah

Thanks to my baby Fienaa and Imaa yang wish through Sms. Much much love guys!! I love them :)

 Haa enough with that!! Hm anyway I still waiting for him to wish at me but .... Hm nvm haha cliche right? Haa saya Siti Aisyah binti Amran ingin memohon maaf jika saya ada buat salah or silap. Harap dimaafkan. Tak suka post aku? Kau boleh berambusss!! Haha okay. Love yeah xx

 Can you make me happy on my birthday? Can't ah? Okay nvm :')